This condition does not involve a tumor at all, hence the use of the prefix "pseudo." It refers to an increase in pressure inside the head, which can lead to loss of vision and changes in the optic nerves -- findings which can also be caused by true brain tumors. The condition may be due to high levels of vitamin A or to a major blood channel (sinus) shutting down inside the head (usually due to an infection or blood clotting disorder). In other cases the cause is unknown, but may be related to obesity. Treatment options include medical treatment of the pressure, a shunt to drain spinal fluid and lower the pressure and/or optic nerve sheath decompression, to relieve pressure on the optic nerves. For obese patients, weight loss is also needed.

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Information sourced from https://www.aans.org/Media/Classifications-of-Brain-Tumors


"I had so much back and leg pain that I was unable to go to work. After seeing a physician in the Alexandria Neurosurgical Clinic I made the decision to undergo surgery and have made a full recovery. The pain and numbness is gone and I have returned to work without any restrictions. Thank you for giving me back control of my life."

- Greg K., Alexandria, LA