Do I Need a Neurosurgeon?

The most common condition that neurosurgeons treat is pain in the neck or lower back spreading to the arm or leg due to a ruptured disc or spinal stenosis. Patients with disorders affecting the nervous system, which includes the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves, also fall under our specialty. Usually your primary care physician is instrumental in helping you obtain a diagnosis through a physical examination and the ordering of diagnostic studies. Sometimes these conditions can resolve with conservative therapy and you may not need to see our physicians. If not, your primary care physician will refer you to us for further treatment.  

Can I Make an Appointment If I Haven't seen a Primary Care Physician?

Due to the specialized nature of our practice, neurosurgical  patients are generally received by physician referral. However, if you do not have a referral we have a board certified Family Medicine physician that practices exclusively in the treatment of spine disorders including back and neck pain. If you have a condition that you feel requires our services please call for an appointment or use the contact page on this website briefly describing your problem and someone will call to discuss an appointment.

What Do I Need To Bring To My Appointment? 

It is very important that you bring any MRI scans, CT scans, myelograms or other x-ray studies you may have undergone. Although the reports are helpful, our physicians need to review the actual films. Please bring any relevant physician or hospital records that you may have. Also bring your insurance cards if you have private insurance or the billing information if you are covered by worker’s compensation, automobile insurance or an attorney. You also need to download and complete several forms for your appointment.  Go to the “physicians” tab of the web site and select the doctor with which you have an appointment.  Print the forms listed on the left side of his page, complete and sign where appropriate and bring them with you for the appointment.

"I thought that I would never be able to play football again. I was devastated. Alexandria Neurosurgical Clinic gave me hope, and eventually, a full recovery. Thank you for givingme back control over my life. I'm confident that my success is due to the physicians' knowledge and the attention they showed me."

- Randy J., Alexandria, LA